You may not know this but there are some sneaky little critters in your bathroom. Toxic beauty chemicals are all around us and it's time to make it stop!

Toxic Beauty Chemicals

You may not know this but there are some sneaky little critters in your bathroom. Toxic beauty chemicals are all around us and it's time to make it stop!

You may not know this, but there are some sneaky little critters in your bathroom. They are laying wait in your favorite beauty products ready to strike against your health when you least expect it. It doesn’t matter who you are; they are coming to get you! Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But in all honesty, the quality and danger of some of the ingredients in mainstream beauty and healthcare products can’t be minimized. It’s time to tell you the truth about the toxic beauty chemicals on the market and why you should avoid them. This truth will blow your mind and hopefully help you realize why making the switch to clean products is so crucial. So grab a warm beverage, settle in, and let’s get started.

Little Known Toxic Beauty Chemical Facts

You may be wondering why these toxic beauty chemicals are in the products at all? Or you may, like me, be thinking that this can’t be a thing. “Isn’t the FDA supposed to protect us?” Well, that answer is a little tricky. Unfortunately, there is a gray area here where your health isn’t the only factor involved or even the most important factor involved. Let’s look at a few of these facts:

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    FACT 1

    There are over 82,000 chemicals/ingredients available to beauty and healthcare producers. Leading colleges and independent world health organizations are always testing ingredients for their safety and reporting on their findings. These tests are entirely optional by the way! From these reports, government officials/FDA create “banned ingredient” list for public safety. Currently, the EU bans over 1,000 ingredients for use in beauty and health care products compared to the US which prohibits ONLY 9.

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    FACT 2

    Hair dye and soap do not fall under the authority of the FDA due to a 1938 law which remains virtually unchanged. These products have no regulating body and are left to police themselves on good faith.

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    FACT 3

    The FDA requires companies to test their products in a self-regulating way. They only must prove something is harmful in the short term not that it is safe. Typically, they are looking for rashes or immediate skin problems. This policy leaves the door wide open for unhealthy products with devastating long term effects to slide through.

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    FACT 4

    The cosmetic companies, under current law, are not required to conduct safety tests at all. They can use almost any ingredient imaginable with little to no oversight. These are products we put on our eyes, delicate facial skin, and lips ladies!

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    FACT 5

    Currently, the Trade Secret law protects the fragrance industry. They are not required to disclose what is in their products or list any ingredients. To keep recipes secret from other businesses (that may want to steal their products) they can conduct their safety test privately but do not have to present results if it may jeopardize their trade secret protection. #shady

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    FACT 6

    Doing long term safety testing on humans is unethical. Therefore, the long-term effects of these chemicals are still unknown. Current leading health experts claim there is not a safe dose of a known carcinogen. But known carcinogens are still used in products. It looks as if we are the human guinea pigs.

First-Hand Experience

I can tell you from personal experience the problems that a toxic load can have on your body. For some reason, I disconnected the aches and ailments of my body from my actions. Things “just happened” to me but I didn’t think that they could be a result of what I was eating or putting on my body.

In my, About Me post, I shared that I was tired, moody, and had a list of skin issues. I threw products at the problems to fix things. I later found out (through the medical test) that my hormone levels were completely out of wack, I was growing bad bacteria in my gut, and developed allergies that I never had has a child. These were all from the environmental toxins and chemicals I was throwing at my body every day. My body couldn’t keep up and get them out fast enough!

Now don’t get me wrong, I know we live in a toxic world. That’s an inevitable fact. But for me, I decided to find the things I could change and do it immediately! I have a say over what I put in and on my body. I have a say over the quality of air I breathe in my house and the type of chemicals I bring into my environment. This is where I started making changes, and I feel like it gave me my youth back.

But They Say Toxic Beauty Chemicals Are Safe

It’s common to read big company statements claiming that you are using their products in such small doses that there is no harm. And what about the “your skin is a barrier and nothing can get through” line. These statements make me giggle. They remind me of my actions as a child. You know…picking on your sisters and then getting caught. Immediately in justification mode to mask the truth. I knew my goose was cooked and I was only trying to do damage control. Here’s my problem with these two statements:

"It’s A Small Dose" Toxic Beauty Chemical Myth

My problem with the low dose argument is that most products have such similar ingredients. If you turn over your beauty and health care products, the “nasty critters” are pretty much the same in every bottle. And if you are like me you are a product junkie!! Before switching to clean beauty, I counted that I had a “product encounter” 33 times each day. (6 in the shower, 5 facial, 4 body care, 5 hair, 13 make-up). On average, I was having a small dose of toxic chemicals 12,045 times each year. These toxic chemicals have been a part of my daily routine an estimated 120,450 times since I started steadily using them in college. I’m sorry, but that’s not a small dose!

"Your Skin Blocks It" Toxic Beauty Chemical Myth

Your skin is porous. We all know this. It’s a living, breathing organ responsible for toxin removal. Yes, it protects you from the outside elements. You cannot put a spoon of jelly on your arm expecting it to soak through. BUT, if the particles are small enough then they can penetrate the skin and get into the blood stream and your fat deposits. Think about nicotine and birth control patches. We purchase beauty products that can penetrate the skin and get deep down to either clean your pores, remove your wrinkles, or give you a deep moisturizing clean. But when we bring up the toxic beauty ingredient list we are told that products can’t penetrate the skin. I know I’m a girl and that means “I’m not as smart” …BUT C’MON! You can’t have it both way. This smart girl says no!

You may not know this but there are some sneaky little critters in your bathroom. Toxic beauty chemicals are all around us and it's time to make it stop!

Light In The Tunnel

If after reading this post you feel like all hope is lost do not despair! A good hero always tells you how to fight the villain. The best way to combat toxic beauty chemicals is with knowledge. You can arm yourself with the knowledge of how companies make their products, the ingredients they use, and which ingredients you should never use on your body. As a consumer, the power is in your hands. You choose what you will and won’t put on your skin. The clean beauty movement is growing like wildfire as people are starting to wake up. Choose clean and sustainable whenever possible and always, always read the ingredients, and check out this list of the 10 Worst Beauty Ingredients to get out now. Your health and well-being are in your hands. I’m encouraging you – BE BRAVE – make the switch!

Let’s Chat: I would love to hear about your “light bulb” moment. Share your transformation story in the comments below!

Much Love,

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