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5 Foods You Should Eat Every Day

Most people want an easy way to eat clean, reduce their risk of disease, and consume delicious foods. Guess what? You can! The following five foods are packed with tons of vitamins and minerals. Their ability to help ward off common diseases and ailments have been proven for years. Not only are these 5 foods you should eat every day packed with power but they are also incredibly delicious! Such a smart, simple way to take care of your body.

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5 foods you should eat quinoa

5 Foods You Should Eat Every Day


The benefits of protein-packed quinoa have healthy minded people eating it on a very regular basis. It’s a great oatmeal substitute and works in place of rice or risotto. Quinoa flour can even be used to bake healthy treats that pack a vitamin-filled punch. Due to the fiber in quinoa, it can relieve constipation and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. The iron, magnesium, and manganese within quinoa protect red blood cells, build up bones, and encourage proper nervous system function. This amazing grain is considered a complete protein because it contains the proper amount of amino acids essential for life (the 9 that we cannot produce ourselves). This is a food that offers all the happy feelings of chowing down on carbs but with none of the guilt.

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Oh how I love blueberries which makes eating blueberries every day hardly a chore. This sweet, juicy fruit is a perfect snack any time of the day and is used to make a multitude of amazing foods. Due to the anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid, blueberries offer vitamins and nutrients that can have an astounding effect on overall health.

Even though blueberries taste like a sweet treat, those who eat them regularly actually lessen their chance of developing diabetes. Packed with potassium but void of sodium, this power food lowers blood pressure. Blueberries also help the heart since the folate and various vitamins they contain lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart attack. Oh, and if all of that is not enough to make you want to pick some berries and chow down right now, then add in the fact that they also prevent some forms of cancer, help with brain function, and slow down the signs of aging. More berries equal less wrinkles? That’s a good enough reason for me!

5 foods you should eat nuts and seeds


Bananas always seem to be mentioned when anyone discusses potassium, but one cup of spinach contains way more potassium. Since we need potassium for normal blood pressure and electrolyte balance, it’s good to have spinach on the menu daily. That’s not the only good buzz about this green leafy vegetable. Spinach contains beta-carotene, and those who consume it are less likely to develop asthma. The chlorophyll in spinach works to block carcinogens that cause cancer. Also the vitamin A it contains will keep hair and skin looking healthy and young. Not a big salad fan? Then check out my Jump Start Green Smoothie to get your daily spinach in a yummy way!

Fermented Foods

Ok, I know this sounds weird but trust me! If you loved science class, the idea of fermented food may appeal to you. Fermented foods like kombucha, kefir, kimchi, and sauerkraut help with gut health. A large portion of the immune system is in the gut making these foods important for our overall health. They are loaded with healthy probiotics. Even more so than the yogurts you see on TV.  Probiotics help balance bacteria in the gut, ensuring the good guys stay in control. Ultimately leading the fight against disease, colds/flus, constipation, and the dreaded belly bloat.

5 foods

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Nuts and seeds

With so many exciting healthy eating options out there, nuts and seeds can seem a little boring. They have even been “villainized” as being too fat. But don’t be fooled. Nuts and seeds should be close to the top of your healthy food list for many different reasons. There’s a wide variety and each one offers vitamins and nutrients that help build stronger, healthier bodies. The chia seed, made popular by those obnoxiously catchy chia seed commercials, really are magic! They contain omega-3s, tons of protein, and enough fiber to help relieve constipation naturally. There’s also flax seeds, another omega-3 powerhouse that boasts antioxidants known to fight cancer.

Brazil nuts, the ones you see around the holidays each year, contain selenium. Selenium is great for brain function and is frequently prescribed for those suffering with depression or anxiety. Almonds contain calcium and lower cholesterol, while cashews are a low-fat option that are good for the heart due to the oleic acid in them. And as far as the “fats” go, nuts and seeds contain healthy fats which keep you full longer and can actually help you lose weight! Whether you throw nuts and seeds on a salad, eat a handful on their own, or use them in homemade granola bars, these simple treats will strengthen your body and mind.

Get Started Today

Clean eating doesn’t have to be a challenge. Just adding these few healthy foods can help the body fight disease and function properly. Plus, grabbing good-for-you food every day in place of junk foods (that only offer empty calories) can help build a lifelong habit of good eating. Your food is your fuel. Be sure you are nourishing your body so that is can perform at its peak for years to come!

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