Looking for your next favorite read? Check out these 5 amazing books to revitalize your health and start living your best life today!

5 Amazing Books To Revitalize Your Healthy

Looking for your next favorite read? Check out these 5 amazing books to revitalize your health and start living your best life today!

I must admit; I am something of a bookworm. As I child, I could read for hours. And even though I may not have hours to devote to reading now (you know, this “adult” thing) I still say it is one of my favorite past times. Recently, I have found my book choices leaning more towards my healthy passions. With so many healthy book options, I am happy to say I have found some real winners. Books that have made me think, grow, and evaluate the choices I am making with my health. And I am very excited to share these beautiful books with you! I hope you find these 5 amazing books to revitalize your health as entertaining and informative as I did.

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Whether you’re an avid reader or just need your next summer fling, you are sure to come away with a wealth of knowledge from this list of 5 amazing books to revitalize your health!

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5 Amazing Books To Revitalize Your Health

Beauty Detox Solution

By: Kimberly Snyder

I adore Kimberly Snyder and all her enlightening books. This book is the first in her series helping you dive into your optimal diet and experience radiant beauty from the inside out. We have all heard “You are what you eat.” But Kimberly breaks it down and helps you know what precisely to eat to achieve your goals. She helps you eliminate foods that fight against glowing skin, cause dull lifeless hair, and promote aging. And then replace those foods with ingredients that will feed your skin, nails, and hair to optimum health. Her “Glowing Green Smoothie” is what started me on my green smoothie path and is still one of my favorites. Be sure to check out any of her books. You will be happy you did!

The Doritos Effect

By: Mark Schatzer

The is one of my all-time favorite books! Unfortunately, obesity is so rampant now around the world. With high-risk diseases on the rise, you are told just to eat healthier. But, we can’t seem to put down our favorite snack foods! What if it isn’t your fault exactly? Humans by nature are flavor-seeking animals, and there is a billion-dollar industry to make sure our flavor profiles are tricked into satisfaction. We take fats, sugar, carbs, and MSG and engineer it to taste like strawberries, avocados, honey, and lemon lime. The cheapest ingredients designed to taste like the natural foods your body craves all through the guise of “Natural Flavors.” Learn what these words mean, how they affect your body, how we got here in the first place, and what we can do about it all in this fantastic book!

The Body Book

By: Cameron Diaz

I was hesitant to purchase this book originally since, you know, she’s an actress, not a nutritionist. But I was so pleasantly surprised! Cameron hasn’t created a diet book, or an “eat this not that” book. It is simply a book that helps you understand how your body functions on the inside. To better guide your healthy decisions, it is imperative to understand how your body processes foods, which foods are necessary, and how fitness and mental health all fit in the picture. If you know how things work on the inside, it is much easier to guide your healthy decisions in the right direction to see results. This book was a very simple to understand crash course in nutrition that everyone should read.

Tox-Sick: From Toxic To Not Sick

By: Suzanne Somers

This page turner is one of the most in-depth books I have read on the topic of toxicity. Which we know is all around us every day. From the air we breathe to the cleaning products & beauty products we bring into our homes to our cell phones, it’s hard to escape the multitude of chemicals coming at us each day. But in this book, Suzanne talks to some of the world’s leading doctors on the subject to give us answers. Each chapter is an interview with an expert outlining which toxins are a threat and what you can do to help stop them, detox your body, and help you to live in ultimate wellness. And as a conclusion, Suzanne has put together their recommendations for supplements to address specific toxic concerns you may have. An amazing wealth of knowledge right at your fingertips.

No More Dirty Looks

By: Siobhan O’Connor & Alexandra Spunt

One of the first books I read about “dirty beauty,” this book details the journey of two friends to find the truth about the products they use daily. And the truth wasn’t pretty! Not only do they uncover the scary truth about chemicals that surround us, but they also give you a front row seat to the clean beauty products that have found that work and some that didn’t work so well. Find the real truth behind zapping stretch marks, washing with sticks, and is Botox good for you? The original clean beauty book and a product lovers Bible for sure!

Let’s Chat: Be sure to let me know your favorite health book in the comments below. Happy reading friends!

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